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Coffee Shop Novelist

A Solo Writing Game

Coffee Shop Novelist is our exciting stand-alone follow-up to the wildly successful Coffee Shop Screenwriter. 

Get ready to unleash your inner wordsmith and embark on a caffeine-fueled journey. Dive into the enchanting world of a quiet fantasy town, where your next bestselling novel awaits. As you write, your creativity thrives on the power of coffee, but can you make every word count with only three cups to fuel your ideas? 

Immerse yourself in a captivating writing experience, crafting thrilling chapters with each prompt you uncover. Your caffeine level directly affects which prompts you will uncover. The more caffeinated you are, the more exciting the prompts!

So pour yourself a cup of coffee and let your imagination soar! 


To make your gameplay more immersive you can also add to your order an hour of coffee shop ambiance to listen to while playing.

Alternatively, you could play the game in an actual coffee shop.


Player Count: 1

Game Length: 1 hour

Pages: 20

Additional Materials: A standard deck of 52 playing cards and something to write with (eg. pen and paper, quill and ink, a computer.)

Designer: William Long www.longgames.co.uk

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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