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I got this game a while ago on DriveThru and absolutely loved it. I had a blast running it with friends. We came up with what turned out to be the murder of the heir of one of the three crime families in the city. There were twists and turns in the story, false accusations and a whole lot of Columbo references.

Great stuff, would play again any day!

Thank you for the great review, I'm happy you enjoyed it! I love that you were have to fill it with twists, as it's really fun to watch your crime unfold in unexpected ways!

I would love to get a community copy… this is my dream rpg game!

any chance of some more community copies id love to review this game on my vlog

I would really like to try the game but I cannot afford to buy it right now.
Any generous peeps/Long Games who would put some Community copies back in stock?

Hi Stan, More Community Copies have been added, so you should be able to get one!

Thanks a ton, I hope I can contribute some community copies in future :)


Really liking the game! I got the spanish version by El Refugio de Ryhope. Are you aware of any hacks based on your game? I think it has quite a lot of potential for hacks!

Thanks very much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. The edition from El Refugio de Ryhope is fantastic! I don't know of any hacks for it, but if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Some I can think of:

  1. Archeological excavation: try to find out how people lived (maybe worldbuilding?) or a historicla event. Maybe suspect interrogation could be reading books/diaries?
  2. Geopolitics: events that lead to a war. Finding out clues in history books and newspapers.
  3. Clairvoyance: predict something that could happen in the future by looking at clues in the present. Maybe trying to stop a crime or some other disgrace.

GOD this looks cool!! i wish i had the money to get it right now but as soon as i do and play a session or two, ill be making my review of it!

We think it's a really good game! We often have Black Friday and Christmas sales so keep an eye out for those!