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A Solo-Slasher RPG

You are the legendary killer in a slasher movie - the true hero of the story.  Your next victims are unaware that you're silently watching their every move, waiting for them to make the same mistakes that horror-movie victims always make.


Killslash is a single-player journaling game where you are the killer in a slasher movie. As you hunt and attack four people you write about your experience and learn more about yourself and your victims.

During the game you will choose your victims, answer questions about them, roll dice to attack them, and then roll dice to see how they react. You'll then describe what happens in as much detail gory detail as you'd like.

Will you become the next slasher icon or will your victims outsmart you?

Turn Order

On your turn you will:

1. Choose a Victim to attack and answer a question about them.

2. Describe how and where you find that Victim.

3. Roll a six-sided die to attack the Victim and describe what happens.

4. If they are still alive, roll to see how the Victim reacts, and if they attack you.

5. Answer a question about your Killer.


To make your gameplay more immersive you can also add to your order an hour of thematic, ambient music to listen to whilst playing.


Player Count: 1

Game Length: 45 - 90 minutes

Pages: 19

Additional Materials: You will need a pen or pencil, something to write on, and a six-sided die (1D6).

Designer: William Long www.longgames.co.uk

Social: Join us on Instagram.


Board Game Time-Lapses has done a fantastic partial playthrough of Killslash.

Watch the playthrough HERE.


"Intense." "A fun experience."

Read the full review HERE.

Vasilij - victoryconditions.com

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorLong Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, journaling-game, Singleplayer, Slasher, solo, Story Rich, storytelling-game, writing, writing-game
Average sessionAbout an hour


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