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Please clarify, at the top of the page it's written: "48 Hour Crime Scene contains 24 Hour Crime Scene within it, so you don't need both games to play".

In the middle we can read: "Included with the game are alternative game modes[...]12/24/36/48 Hour Crime Scene: We're also including a way to create your own unique game variant".

And then goes the bottom of the page: "You don't need 24 Hour Crime Scene to play 48 Hour Crime Scene but 24 Hour Crime Scene had its own rules and set-up that is not included in 48 Hour Crime Scene".

Sooo it contains the 24 Hour Crime Scene as a variant, but it doesn't include its rules?

Thanks for your question. To clarify, the rules for 24 Hour Crime Scene and 48 Hour Crime Scene are almost identical, there is just a difference in how you set up the game.

Essentially, 24 Hour Crime Scene includes 24 prompts and 48 Hour Crime Scene includes 48 prompts (24 of those prompts being from 24 Hour Crime Scene). 

48 Hour Crime Scene only includes the rules to set up a game of 48 Hour Crime Scene and not the original rules for 24 Hour Crime Scene.

As for the variants, 48 Hour Crime Scene includes a way for you to create and structure your own prompt deck to change the length of the game.

I hope this clarifies it for you!